Here is a list of some of the common auto services we provide:

» Emissions Repair
» Factory Maintenance
» Brakes & Suspension
» Shocks & Struts
» Oil Service
» Tire Rotation
» Powertune Service 1
» Powertune Service 2
» Engine Performance Tune Up
» Automatic Transmission Service
» Standard Transmission Service
» Cooling System Service
» Powertune Service 3
» Fuel Injection Cleaning Service
» Differential Service

All Makes and Models!
(* prices subject to change without notice)

 Powertune oil service: $29.00 *
The Powertune oil service includes up to 5 quarts of oil and replacement oil filter. A complete lubrication is performed including chassis components, body mechanisms and hardware. Check and top off the fluid levels in the brake master cylinder, differential (rear wheel drive), transfer case (4 wheel drive) transmission, cooling system reservoir, power steering and the windshield washer reservoir. We also inspect the drive belts, hoses and adjust tire pressure.
 Powertune Tire Rotation: $25.00 *
The Powertune tire rotation includes inspection of all tires and wheels for damage and/or deterioration. Each wheel and tire will be removed from the vehicle and placed in a different location prescribed by the manufacturer to help prolong the life of the tires. Adjust tire pressure and re-torque to manufacturer's specifications.
 Powertune Service 1: $88.00 *

Includes Oil Service and Tire Rotate plus the following:

» Check condition of coolant
» Inspect front and rear brakes
» Inspect all drives belts
» Inspect emission control system
» Inspect engine air filter
» Inspect wiper arms and blades for deterioration
» Inspect drive train for any fluid leaks
» Inspect exhaust system and heat shields
» Check all external lamps for proper orientation
» Inspect suspension bushing
» Inspect drive axle boots
» Inspect ball joint seals
» Inspect lap/shoulder belts for proper operation

 Powertune Service 2: $239.00 *

Includes Service 1 plus the following:

» Replace wiper blade inserts
» Replace engine air filter
» Replace fuel filter
» Inspect PCV valve operation
» Inspect cooling system, all hoses and fan belts
» Lubricate all key locks
» Check condition of brake lining and parking brake adjustment (adjust as necessary)
» Check constant velocity shaft boots
» Check universals and driveline
» Check shock absorbers and/or struts for leakage and proper operation
» Clean battery terminals
» Check charging system

 Engine Performance Tune Up:  

(* prices subject to change without notice)

» 4 Cylinder: $54.00 *
» 6 Cylinder: $130.00 *
» 8 Cylinder: $110.00 *
» Add for Air Filter Replacement: $21.00 *
» Add for Platinum Plugs (each): $12.00 *
» Add for Van: $20.00 *
» Add for Fuel Filter Replacement: $31.00 *

The Powertune engine performance tune up includes inspection of all primary and secondary ignition wiring. Inspection of the distributor cap and external coil where applicable. Replacement of Non- Platinum spark plugs. Platinum plugs are removed, cleaned and gapped. Inspect the engine air filter condition. Adjust engine drive belt. Adjust idle speed and timing where applicable. ROAD TEST

» Automatic Transmission Service: $98.00 *
» Add or Skid Plates: $20.00 *

The Powertune automatic transmission service includes visually inspecting the transmission for external leaks, proper mounting and linkage adjustments. Draining the transmission fluid, removing the transmission pan for replacement of the oil filter screen and oil pan gasket. Refill the transmission with proper recommended fluid. ROAD TEST

» Standard Transmission Service: $54.00 *
» Add for Skid Plates: $20.00 *

The Powertune transmission service includes inspection of seal and gasket leakage and wear in friction areas. Drain and refill with recommended gear lubricant. Clean and adjust transmission linkage. ROAD TEST

» Cooling System Service: $88.00 *

The Powertune cooling system service includes pressure testing the cooling system and cap, inspecting all hoses and freeze plugs for leaks and deterioration. Inspect the condition and adjustment of all drive belts. Flush the complete system including the engine block. Refill with the recommended coolant for a 25 below zero protection level.

 Powertune Service 3:  

» 4 Cylinder: $475.00 *
» 6 Cylinder: $505.00 *
» 8 Cylinder: $496.00 *
» Add for Van: $20.00 *
» Add for Platinum Plugs (each): $12.00 *
» Deduct for Manual Transmission: $44.00 *

Includes Service 2 plus the following:

» Engine performance tune-up
» Transmission service
» Cooling system service
» Inspect brake hydraulic system and power assist unit for leakage and proper operation
» Inspect all body mounting bolts and strut mounts
» Replace wiper blade inserts and top off washer solvent
» Inspect all shock absorbers and/or struts for proper operation
» Replace fuel filter

 Fuel Injection Cleaning: $120.00 *

The fuel injection cleaning service is designed for throttle body or tuned port systems. It includes a pressurized flush of all lines, rails and injectors with a special chemical designed to clean and remove all deposit build up. Clean throttle plate for removal of carbon deposits and buildup. Also a fuel additive/conditioner is added to the fuel tank to prevent buildup of carbon in combustion chamber. ROAD TEST

 Differential Service:
 Add for Limited Slip:
$45.00 *
$20.00 *

The differential service includes removing the differential cover, removal of gasket from cover, draining o fluid, visual inspection of gear clearance, inspection of U-joint and pinion seal, re- installing the differential cover with new gasket and filling with recommended gear lubricant. ROAD TEST

Denotes Minimum Factory Recommendation
Denotes Additional Service Recommendation
3,000 7,500 11,250 15,000 18,750 22,500 26,250 30,000
33,750 37,500 41,250 45,000 45,000 52,500 56,250 60,000
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